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We Want You To Feel Safe!

There are over 8 million slips and falls in North America every year.   Slippery floors, bathtubs and showers are the #1 reason for slips and falls in your home or business.  Over 600,000 slip and fall accidents require ER visits and hospital care every year. We are passionate about making all surfaces safe when wet. Don't wait for a fall to happen! Call us today!

Anti Slip Treatments in Denver, CO

Our revolutionary products and services will increase the traction on any hard surface in your home or business without changing their appearance and create a safer environment. We specialize in treating...   

  • Tile, Marble, Terrazzo, Travertine, Concrete
  • Ceramic and Fiberglass Bathtubs
  • Wood 
  • Showers
  • All Hard Surfaces

Home or Business

We provide on-site consultation and slip-resistant testing. Call for free consultation 303-960-3424!